The dara extraction step yielded 3477 putative intronless genes (close to the number of IGs reported by Sakharkar et al., 2004) among which 1471 were found to be multiexonic genes (false positives), 408 were pseudogenes and 9011 were discarded due to redundancy or to the absence of a corresponding entry in Entrez Gene.
The final number of intronless genes in the first version of IGD is 687, which represents about 4.5% of the total estimated number of genes.
The distribution of IGs length, number of IGs per chromosome and functional classification of IGs are given below.


IGD database is a derived database of eukaryotic protein coding genes present in GenBank database.
Hence, the following statistics of IGD contents represent data distribution in Genbank database and may not represent data distribution in current version of the genomes.


* Sakharkar, M.K., Chow, V.T.K. and Kangueane, P. (2004) Distributions of exons and introns in the human genome. In silico biology 4, 4, 387-93.
* Sakharkar,M.K. and Kangueane,P. (2004) Genome SEGE: a database for intronless genes in eukaryotic genomes. BMC Bioinformatics, 5, 67.

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